Terms & Conditions

We request our customers to read this document prior to visiting our websites or entering into any business agreement with us.

By using our websites or agreeing to buy with us, customers are agreeing to respect the terms and conditions set forth in the document. We hold the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time, and they will be effective as soon as it is published on the website. We request our customers to review the website from time to time prior to accessing or using the websites for any purpose.

Restriction of Liability

Direct Promotionals does not claim any liability for errors, interruption, failure of performance, defect, or omission arising on the website. We are not liable for injury or damages that result from inability to utilize any products from our websites.

Use of Information

We value customer sentiments and encourage them to submit their valuable ideas and remarks whenever it is deemed necessary. All submissions made by customers to our websites are treated with confidentiality, and we will not exploit it for any professional gains without seeking consent of a submittor. The personal information entered on our websites during purchase or signing up will not be used in any way to make business gains. We don’t transfer such information to any third party or other entities that are not connected to us in any way. This means a submittor holds sole responsibility of any remarks or any other information regarding the reliability, legality, originality, copyright and appropriateness of the information provided by them.

Customer Conduct

We strongly appreciate customers' involvement in our day to day business and expect them to be part of our growing niche popularity. We reserve the right to edit, review or refuse any information that may threaten customer welfare in a large way. We strongly condemn customer interference in unlawful activities that may threaten to destroy our trust and the validity of a relationship that we may share with them.

We don’t encourage any customer to indulge in any of the following activities:

  • Self promotions by utilizing the products on any of the Direct Promotionals websites.
  • Posting offensive comments directed at the management, our products or services.
  • Transmitting “junk mails,” “chain letters,” or “spams” in the name of company management, staff or our third party service providers.
  • Tampering with content on the websites.


The products included in the websites may bear some typographical errors or technical inaccuracies, and we are striving to enrich the user experience by getting over them. All content presented here is as per the permissible industry standards. We disclaim all merchant ability, warranty, and fitness for a single purpose. Direct Promotionals doesn’t warrant that the information included in this material will be error-free or uninterrupted, accurate, etc. Customers should bear the entire cost of all necessary corrections, repairs and/or servicing needed. The above exclusion may not apply; to the extent that applicable law may not allow the exclusion of implied warranties.


Direct Promotionals or its customers can void this agreement at any time. This agreement can be terminated by destroying: (a) all information obtained from any Direct Promotional sites, and (b) all related documentation, installations and copies (along with materials) Direct Promotioanls reserves the right to terminate this agreement without any prior notification, if it is confirmed that a customer has breached or violated the terms or conditions highlighted in this agreement.

Indemnification and Reservation of Rights

Customers should agree to defend and indemnify the directors, officers, agents, licensors, employees, suppliers and any third party information providers of Direct Promotionals from and against all expenses, losses, costs and damages, including legal fees resulting from any breach of this Agreement by customers during and after their use of our websites or any products showcased.

Direct Promotionals holds the right to share the confidential personal information with a third party (subpoena, government enquiries) or if it believes that a member's account is misused or hacked by a third person and information is applied in a wrongful way.

Applicable Law

This agreement shall be construed, governed, and interpreted in accordance with laws prevalent in the state of North Carolina, in the United States of America, where we are based.

Cancellation/Return Policy

Direct Promotionals holds the right to cancel an order under genuine situations such as delay in shipment, labor and weather issues, or unavailability of stock, etc., without any prior notification. In the event that any refund is agreed upon, we will oblige a fast refund process to avoid and/or prevent any inconvenience to our customers. Customers are required to notify us as soon as possible if their order is no longer valid. Furthermore, Direct Promotionals reserves the right to deny refund for any order where the cancelation notification procedure has not been adhered to. Due to the nature of our products, we reserve the right to refuse a refund of customized products for any defects, errors, or delays in production and shipping, beyond the scope of our control. Any and all refunds will be considered on a case by case basis and under management's discretion. Failure by the client or any third party member to notify us of defects or problems with their order within 30 days of receiving it waives their right to any full or partial refund.

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